1I TheGiao 1 #2 – Sunny Cozy Studio Airbnb Accommodation in Hanoi Review


Quick introduction, location & transportation

1I TheGiao 1 #2 (well, the name of this apartment is quite confusing, screw it) is a fully furnished Airbnb studio located on the 3rd floor of a house on The Giao street. The location is not in the very busy area of Hanoi and not super close to the center of the city but both Hanoi Old Quarter/French Quarter and other sights are accessible – about a 5-10 minute scooter ride and a 20 minute walk to the Old Quarter. For some people this might be a plus as the apartment can be a great hideaway for travelers looking for some privacy.

Also it takes just a 2-5 minute walk to the biggest park of the city, which is excellent for running, walking, and watching local people doing morning exercises (note:very small entrance fee for foreigners). The neighborhood is lively, surrounded by tons of cafes, food vendors, and a pharmacy right next door. The location is quite at night as streets shut down, while still make you feel safe during the day.

The place

You can take a look at the photos on its Airbnb profile, they are very accurate. As shown on the photos, this flat is not an awesome stylish one with great interior design. Clean, simple, and straightforward. Everything is pretty basic except it has large floor-to-ceiling windows, giving great view of the busy street below and providing natural light during the day. However, one minus of having these big windows is you might need to draw the curtains to get some privacy.

This Airbnb is simple and straightforward
This Airbnb is simple and straightforward

Type of rooms and amenities

The Airbnb itself is large for a one bedroom, combined with living room and a kitchen. It is spacious, airy, and has a lot of storage spaces. Besides a king-size bed which is already included in the booking, you can ask the host to provide an air mattress if required. So basically this room can serve up to 4 adult guests, which is suitable for families or a small group of friends. Should also note that the bed is large and clean, but it is a little firm and uncomfortable in my opinion.

Overall this is a very clean room with all the necessary amenities. You will be provided with cooking facilities, a sink, gas stove, microwave, fridge, TV, an air con (works well to make you feel comfortable with the heat during summer), strong Internet, and a large & firm couch. You can also find a shared washing machine & dryer on the rooftop of the house, and a line rope for hanging clothes.

The bathroom is nice, with a powerful walk-in shower and hot water provided every time. Anyway, it is a wet room and hanging towels there doesn’t really get them dry. Another bad thing is mosquitoes. These little buggers show up in the summer and are a constant presence. Also this room lacks of housekeeping supplies such as a broom and dust pan to clean up the floors during long term stay.

House rules

As shown on the listing:

  • Not suitable for pets
  • Be responsible and considerate
  • Turn off lights and all electrical devices/ items when you are not in the apartment. It helps to prevent overheat and save the environment
  • Keep your shoes/ slippers and all other belongings inside the apartment
  • No smoking in apartment or the building
  • Only small parties with maximum of 8 people is allowed but should be ended before 10pm
  • No excessive noise between 11 pm and 7 am. Please be respectful and keep quiet in public areas, i.e., hallways and elevator.
  • Only pets in cages, such as pet birds or hamsters and guinea pigs are allowed
  • Guest is responsible for visitors’ access to the house. Guest’s friends staying overnight without the host’s consent is not allowed
  •  Keeping with the apartment general decent order (put back things the way you’ve find them) especially cleaning utensil used when cooking for yourself
  • Any breakages are to be paid for in full – new or old without exception
  • Don’t overload the washing machine – half full should be the maximum
  • Close all windows before leaving the apartment
  • Make sure the building’s main door and the apartment’s door are all locked when leaving the apartment

The host

Kien, the host, is always there to help if you need anything. You will receive the welcome gift dessert from them, which is very sweet. During the stay, he and his friends & brother will answer all of your questions very quickly and friendly. He would also offer you an airport transportation service which was prompt, fast, and efficient. You can also rent a scooter or bicycle from him for cheap prices or tell him to help you arrange tours in other tourism places in Vietnam. We had requested to have SIM cards for our iPhones and after stepping into the space everything had been taken care of and there they were set on the table. These guys are also kind enough to hold your luggage even after checking out or if you come early before the check in time.

Other information

You should definitely try the Pho right outside. It’s quite popular and gets pretty busy everyday, so don’t be alarmed if you find few people sitting on stools and eating Pho in front of your door in the morning. The owner is an old lady and you can also watch her prepare everything in the early morning from the windows. Give it a try if you want some good local food.

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